Cheran Tarpaulin

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We provide high quality PP Ropes that are available in various lengths and sizes best suited for Transport, Industrial, Construction and other purposes.
Features :

Mulching Sheets

We deal with high quality mulching sheets which has a major application in agriculture. Sheets with various thickness and sizes can be offered at very reasonable cost.

Weed Mat

Vermicompost Bed

Bird Net

Terrace gardening (Grow Bags)

Grow Bags with varying shapes (cylindrical, cubical & rectangular) and sizes available which aid in Office, Home and Terrace gardening.

hDPE Tarpaulins

We offer various types of High Density Poly Ethylene Fabrics/ Tarpaulins in roll and cut form. HDPE fabrics are used in various low cost covering, packaging and agricultural applications.
Features :

LDPE Sheets

We offer good quality Low Density Poly Ethylene sheets for various covering and agricultural purposes. The high quality raw material adds life to the product making it more durable.
Features :

Rain Coat