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Silpaulin - Plastic Tarpaulin

We are one of the prominent dealer of supreme silpaulin in coimbatore area. The high graded Silpaulin Tarpaulins which are considered as the most popular names in the agricultural sector owing to its versatile use. These Silpaulin tarpaulins have excellent Moisture Barring properties. They are used for covering green houses, mulch and post harvest seeds. It also serves as fumigation covers, poultry curtains, pond and canal lining, bullock cart covers, tractor trolley covers, floor under lays and so on. SILPAULIN made from cross laminated plastic film – a revolutionary concept in the evolution of the plastic forms.


  • Light Weight yet tough
  • Inert to most chemicals, alkalis, acids and acid fumes
  • UV Stabilised
  • Heat Sealed, stronger joins thus 100% leakproof
  • 100% Water proof, Rot proof and Weather proof
  • Accidental tear does not expand hence easily repairable
  • Available in Attractive colours and various thicknesses
  • Being flexible convenient for covering irregular shapes and sizes
  • Excellent tear / tensile / puncture and impact resistance
  • Ultrasonically welded super strong plastic eyelets / aluminum eyelets

Agricultural Use

Silpaulin is one of the most popular names amongst the agricultural population of India due to its versatile uses, such asFarm ponds/ pond lining/ fresh water ponds/ fish ponds/ raw water reservoirs/ community water tank/ portable water tank ec.,
  • Covering of agricultural produce (pre & post) harvest sheets
  • Portable vermi compost beds
  • Portable Silpaulin plant nutrition bed
  • Green house/ Low tunnels/ Nursery sheds
  • Drying of Spices, areca nuts, coconut, rubber, chillies, turmeric, grapes (raisin) and other agricultural produce
  • Fumigation of tobacco leaves, food grain, grapes and other agricultural produce
  • Poultry curtains and roofs

General Application

Silpaulin is generally used for following applications :

  • Covering machinery, raw materials, packing materials, finished products, paper cartons.
  • Protection for any transit material.
  • Shed covers offering protection against Sun/Rain/Dew/Dust-Truck Tarpaulin.
  • Privacy wall, Camping tents.
  • Shelter for poor people/Temporary Shelter for Hawkers, Fruits/Vegetable vendors.
  • Scaffolding at constrction sites
  • Covering of raw bricks, Cement etc.,
  • Covering of Pandals, Monsoon sheds, Mandaps etc.,
  • Banner guard for Police, Fire units, Construction sites, Chemical plants, Industrial locations, Manufacturing Facilities, Commercial and Public Building wherever access should be restricted.
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Silpaulin packing is widely used by industries to products which are shipped overseas. Silpaulin can withstand the pressure of wire ropes and other impacts during transportation or while loading & unloading during the shipment. Thus providing most vital protection from environment.
Many companies use Silpaulin as inner liner of box for component exports. Due to moisture resistant properties of the film, it protects the product from corrosion, and also used as Flexi container liner / Shipping bags / Drum Liners.
These packed boxes can be stored in open yard for prolonged period deteriorates. Hence the boxes are covered with Silpaulin to protect the life of the boxes and the products inside.

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